The “Power & Passion” symbol expresses the “power and speed”

and the “passionand enthusiasm” aspects of our business approach. The perfect red circle conveysthe
connections and bonds we have with customers, and “150” represents the150th anniversary of our
founding in 2025
, which is the year for achieving our vision.


Consistent Achievement and Growth

UNIC’s history parallels the history of the truck-mounted crane. In 1961 we became the first company in Japan to develop and manufacture a truck-mounted crane, the UNIC 100, which possessed a 1-ton lifting capacity. Since then we’ve developed many others. In 1979 we developed Remo-Con wired remote control and Radi-Con radiowave (wireless) remote control. Other UNIC innovations have since followed: our unique A.A. System, which provides automatic accelerator control, our fully automatic 6-section telescoping boom crane, and the UNl-Hook hook block stow system.
’46 Kyoei Kaihatsu K.K. established (forerunner company)
’54 Established the Omori Factory and developed the MC-5 Truck Crane
’57 Developed our Mechanical Crane and Hydraulic Wheel Crane
’61 Developed 1-ton and 2-ton lift capacity cranes
’63 Developed 3-ton lift capacity cranes
’67 U-200R 2-ton lift capacity special medium heavy-duty crane scores a big hit in the
transport world
’68 Established the Sakura Factory in Sakura City, Chiba Pref.
’70 Company name changed to UNIC CORPORATION
’72 Developed Model U-300R 3-ton lift capacity crane for heavy-duty trucks
’76 Developed Model UR-25 2.5-ton lift capacity crane for medium heavy-duty trucks Developed Model U-500A 5-ton lift capacity crane for heavy-duty trucks
’77 Developed the UR-30M Series Crane, the forerunner of the multi-section boom, for medium heavy-duty trucks
’79 Developed Model UR-30MT 3-section crane for medium heavy-duty trucks, and the Remo-Con wired remote control device
’80 Developed Model UR-30MLT 4-section crane for medium heavy-duty trucks, and the High Outrigger crane
’83 Developed the A.A. System and Drum-Free cranes
’84 Developed Model UR-50VA 5-ton lift capacity crane for mounting on heavy-duty trucks
’85 Developed Model UR-30VAV fully automatic 5-section telescoping boom crane for medium heavy-duty trucks
’86 Developed a hexagonal boom-type fully automatic 6-section telescoping boom crane
’89 Company name changed to FURUKAWA UNIC CORPORATION
’91 30th anniversary of commencing sale of UNIC cranes
Developed the UNI-Hook automatic hook block stow system
’94 Developed small power Radio Control device
’97 Awarded ISO9001 certification Celebrated 35th anniversary
(affiliate company of FURUKAWA UNIC CORPRATION in Thailand)
’98 Developed Morment limiter device
’99 Developed new technology crane UR-V Series
’01 Awarded ISO14001 certification
(Bangkok Branch: Sales & service office)
’11 Celebrated 50th anniversary
(affiliate company of FURUKAWA UNIC CORPORATION in Russia)


has been established in 1997.

undertake it business relating import, export and selling in domestic such as Truck mounted crane, Mini Crawler crane, Car carrier and equipment for lifting and moving. Included selling spare parts and services.

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